ProRacing GP - Chain lube - 400 ML

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Manufacturer: Champion lubes

ProRacing GP - Chain lube - 400 ML

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ProRacing GP - Chain lube - 400 ML

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The protective properties of this chain lube, which is specifically designed for off-road riding, remain activated thanks to the lubricant's excellent tackiness. Furthermore, it offers great water resistance, minimises wear, and rust and is completely harmless to O-rings.


This universal lubricant penetrates efficiently into the chain and offers excellent adhesion; making it perfectly suited for all on-road applications.


Extreme tackiness: sticks to the chain. Water resistance: does not wash away. Chain protection: increase chain reliability by offering rust and wear resistance.


Extend chain life by keeping the chain wear and oxidation free, regardless of the challenges encountered when going off-road.


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Champion oil is the motorcycle variant of Wolf oil, well known in the car market. Champion offers a full range of refined oils: mineral oil, semi-synthetic, synthetic and full racing oil for motorcycles.

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