Fitting grease for tyres (spray can formula) (400 ml)

Product ref.: IT109
Manufacturer: Irontek chemicals

Fitting grease for tyres (spray can formula) (400 ml)

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Fitting grease for tyres (spray can formula) (400 ml)

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Our special sprayable tyre fitting grease, which uses the latest technology, allows you to grease all types of tyres to make them easier to fit.Thanks to its aerosol application, it is very economical, so you will be able to fit an average of 100 tyres with one container. It will no longer be necessary to use a paintbrush or other brush, which will allow you to work in a tidy way. This product will allow you to achieve well-fitting tyres thanks to its quick-drying properties; it will stop tyres turning on their rims after they have been fitted. It can be used on all types of tyres, even those with deep profiles, PAX tyres or RFT tyres. As it is transparent, our special grease does not leave any marks on the tyres or the wheel rims.

Utilisation: Shake the aerosol well after use, spray on the sidewall and the edge of the tyre. You can then fit the tyre without needing to wait.

Irontek is an innovative French company that makes e.g. additives, cleaners and glues. Always according to its own (unique) recipe and with high quality components such as MS polymers, graphite, nanotechnology, etc. Nearly all products are "Made in Germany", so quality is guaranteed.

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